Why Get Pre Approved For a Mortgage?

Why Get Pre Approved?

Why should someone get pre approved for a mortgage before looking at houses?

Here’s a quick list of a few of the reasons:

1. Mortgage guidelines change… often! Just because someone was approved for a mortgage the last time they applied, does not mean that same person will automatically be approved this time. Pre approval eliminates any uncertainty about whether or not someone will be approved to purchase a house – saving time and possible embarrassment.

2. Pre approval for a mortgage lets a seller know that a buyer is serious about buying their home AND that the prospective buyer is able to buy their home. Offers on homes that have a pre approval letter attached are often accepted by sellers over those offers that do not have a pre approval letter attached (all other conditions being equal).

3. Being pre approved for a mortgage before putting an offer on a house actually speeds the homebuying process for the buyer.

3. A mortgage pre approval is free with Gagliano Mortgage, Inc. and you can start the process here – Get Pre Approved.

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